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 ELITE DESIGN AWARD 3rd prize winner 2024

 Bessone is a double bed which design is inspired by the theme of the competition “Modern Heritage” and by the Elite’s best-selling Chloé bed. It follows its original form, unleashing its potential and creating this generous and soft bed that gives the feeling of the cosiness of a sofa. It represents peace and calmness and the shape of the headboard underlines the feeling of 3 dimentionality thanks to the reliefed upholstery. The integrated lighting is not only for comfort of the user but also highlights the shadows which intensifies the perception of profundity.


Wool bouclé creates an attractive and modern texture summed up in an elegant structured plain that plays on the refractive effects of the fibres it is made of.


The black metal makes contrast with the wool emphasizes its softness and ethereality.

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