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Boutique Art Hotel

Hospitality Interior Design Project

for a Hotel 3***


The goal of the project is to create an ergonomic, functional and modern design using the most innovative technologies to reduce energy consumption and be environmentally friendly.
  For the bathroom I chose to use Ideal Standard products including Atelier Collections bathroom fixtures, not only for the clean design and aesthetically pleasing shape, but above all for the innovative AquaBlade technology to save water and reduce water pollution and costs. which is of utmost importance for a hotel. The shower area, on the other hand, is separated by glass partition panels, and the stone-effect shower tray is designed to match the overall color range of natural materials, providing the safest possible environment thanks to the non-slip surface.

  The furnitures have a simple design with mostly natural materials that are extremely easy to install and maintain.
  The open solution between the room and the bathroom is linked to the latest trends, according to which the bathroom is now an integral part of the room, and the function and the comfort are a priority.
  The sliding door is made with dark glass, which allows the separation of the spaces for greater privacy, but at the same time breaks the stereotype of a standard hotel room, providing  more united place for rest.

  The functional bedroom is also equipped with home automation which includes energy management, climate, lighting, local control, etc. The lowered ceiling in the bathroom and hallway are to hide the LED lighting and the air conditioning system.
The furniture is completely custom-made and combines the open wardrobe with a mini bar, coffee machine, etc.

BoutiqueArtHotel Layout1
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