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Day and Night

The perfect Family Bathroom


"Day and night" is not just a bathroom, it is a zone of rest and solitude, refreshment and relaxation for the whole family. A place that is inseparable from our daily life day and night.
As the set room is large, but without natural light, the choice of lighting was a key element in the construction of the interior. To preserve the feeling of space and light, I chose to lower the suspended ceiling only above the area of ​​the bathtub and the washbasins. It has built-in not only lighting but also ventilation system. LED lighting is adjustable in intensity, which predisposes to create a more intimate or relaxing atmosphere.
The Simplicity bathtub, which plays a central role in the construction of the bathroom, gives both coziness and comfort, and the double sink is designed for greater functionality and optimization.
The materials are in light tones in the beige range of the Salvatori collection, which smoothly transition from the flooring to the accent wall and frieze, giving elegance and completeness. The console toilet bowl and bidet are installed through the Prosys built-in structure, which also provides complete sound insulation. And the overall picture is harmoniously complemented by the sophisticated and ethereal design of the mixers from the Ceraflex collection.

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