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  ECLISSE is unique bespoke piece of art inspired by the spatialism and the essence “Less is more”. The main purpose was to create functional yet remarkable design combining high quality, environmentally friendly and sustainable materials with the Italian craftsmanship. The design of the bed is very organic, minimal, clean with a modern touch of fluidity, corresponding perfectly to the atmosphere of the space. Intended for Hospitality Design, giving the guest impression of spatial calm and infinite serenity.

  The key detail is the slit on the headboard covered precisely with off white Eco-leather and double-sided with contrast colour of Alcantara, giving the appearance of a void behind. The bed base is designed in two layers not only with an aesthetically pleasing shape, but also functional with it’s naturally integrated toe-kick.


  Claudia Renate and Lora Deneva are Interior Designers. They met at the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan where they both were pursuing a Master Degree in Interior Design. Claudia Renate first studied architecture in Bandung, Indonesia where she originally comes from. Meanwhile, Lora Deneva comes from Sofia, Bulgaria where she graduated in Engineering Design and Manufacturing Furniture. Their contrasting backgrounds and cultures drive interest to each other since the very beginning. Creating their own common vision and style they started collaborating and working on different projects. For instance, the competition for IBIS Hotels by Accor Group in which their project is listed for Final Jury.

  Today, they both work as freelancers in the Interior Design field. Claudia Renate involves with other Product and Industrial Designers, developing furniture, interior and design strategies for several Private Yacht projects under a private studio management in Milan. Moreover, Lora is actively participating in various design competitions and spreading her design intuition on mostly Residential and Hospitality projects for private clients in Bulgaria, Italy and surrounds.

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