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Concept for redesign of the 2 main offices



Office 1
"2 Narodno Sabranie Square"

The proposals for the redesign of Fibank's offices have been specifically tailored to the requirements of the bank, based on the actual layout and location. Located in the heart of Sofia, the project aims to correspond to the surrounding environment of iconic architectural buildings through a contemporary style and vision. The new design offers a functional and modern look that optimizes the space and the facilitates, improves the customer service, ensuring the confidentiality and security of the operations.

The design is fully in line with Fibank's core values. The color scheme is inspired by the already well-established corporate visual identity of the bank. The line follows its solid style by developing it, giving it a modern style, quality and innovative interior that emphasizes and distinguishes the presence of the brand and corresponds to its needs in a rapidly evolving contemporary environment.

The wooden panels bring to the room both warmth and coziness, but also contribute to the acoustic comfort. They extend the space optically and give it a finishing touch by displaying a sustainable design with long-term functional and visual applicability. The oval lines extend the interior and allow more practical distribution of the individual service areas. Lighting also plays a big role in the overall picture, adding sophistication, perfection and attention to the details. The furniture in the waiting areas break the stereotype for rigor and create dynamics in the design by playing with the main colors blue and red. They allow the decoration to come to life by combining aesthetics with usability.

The design for both offices (at "2 Narodno Sabranie Square" and "20 Alexander Stamboliyski Blvd") meet all modern requirements as well as those of Fibank and include the zoning of these individual functions:
- 24/7 self-service area
- Bank Salon / Front Office
- Waiting area + Multimedia area for online or assisted banking
- Cash desks
- Vault
-  Manager office etc..

Office 2
"20 Alexander Stamboliyski Blvd"
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