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Pizzeria Bombolo
Restaurant Design 
Primorsko, Bulgaria


Neapolitan pizza restaurant part of Hotel on the Black Sea Coast designed in modern Pop-Art style.Bombolo* (trans. Italian) or "Ball Boy" means a person who loves the good food and the fun life. In this  project the aim was to create a place with people in mind who are looking for these simple, yet fundamental "ingredients" - the appetizing food and the friendly atmosphere. The aim of the project was to create a brand image of the place, acting on two lines of intervention focusing on what I think could have been the greatest weaknesses of the format: - make it more colorful and cheerful - make it younger and more modern, but without distorting it.

20220825_081400 copy.jpg
decking copy.jpg
20220825_081330 copy.jpg
20220825_081702 copy.jpg
20220825_081633 copy.jpg
20220825_081051 copy.jpg
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