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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

“In art, color is used as a visual language.

It is the communication link between creator and viewer.”

As I promised you in the previous blog, I would like to present you the color trends for 2021 and how to use them in the Interior or as a decoration. According to Scandinavian Design there are going to be a few color palettes. As a continuation of 2020 the colors maintain the warm, soft and balanced scale. Inspired especially by the raw materials and natural textures.

1. Warm Pastel Colors

The first color palette is created by Natural warm colors such as the desert sand, the sunset shades, the earth hues etc. They are perfect to create cozy, rustic atmosphere for any room. Welcoming and genuine they will help you to decorate the space in a balanced and equilibrated way. If you add some details such as dry flowers or wooden furniture they will match perfectly.

2. Soft Neutral Colors

Playing with contrasts and shades of beige and brown you can enjoy the sensual harmony that these colors produce. You can create soft, relaxing and calming space thanks to this combination. The tones are discreet and clean and so it is the impact of the mood that they give. This theme is suitable for any room and if you need some fresh and new energy it is the perfect touch for you.

3. Elegant and timeless blue tones

Blue is probably the most elegant color and with these hues you can frame timeless design or creative atmosphere with strong character. This palette is classic for the Nordic style, it gives sense of tranquility and harmony. Adds fresh touches to every room and look bringing special feeling. I recommend to use them in a workspace because of the vibrant and inspiring energy they resonate.

4. Muffled pastel tones

The last pantone scale represents this beautiful, muted pastel colors giving such an artistic and exotic expression. I suggest it to all of you who want to experiment, to design fresh and artistic atmosphere. Put together this hues can create so many different combinations and bring new moods of every space.

“Color is visually musical, being both rythic and lyrical. It sets the tempo of a design through the blending of a multitude of hues. ”

Joen Wolfrom


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