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Residential Design
Sofia, Bulgaria


“The details are not the details. They make the design”

Charles Eames

  The interior is with minimalist and simple design, where the details play the main role. The bright colors inspired by the scandinavian design are framed by graphic elements such as the door handles, the switches and the sockets.

 The bathroom project won the award Bathroom of the Year 2021 from Ideal Standard.

BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2024 - Winner.jpg
20230203_120033 copy.jpg
Баня_Лора Layout1 (1).jpg

The project for this bathroom is designed to meet the latest requirements for ergonomics and functionality by satisfying the modern needs, conforming with the small space and real situation.

To optimize the space, I used the Connect console toilet, which is extremely compact with its 48 cm depth.  As well as the smallest Prosys built-in structure, which is 8 cm deep. In this way we create more free area. And using the innovative Aqua Blade technology we provide a cleaner surface and energy efficiency of the water. The soft-closing lid, on the other hand, adds to the comfort of the users.
  The overall picture is complemented by the elegant design of the Tonic II sink and the functional sink cabinet with a handle, which has a double use for both the handle and the towel rack. An important element for a small space.

The hidden lighting in the bottom creates a feeling of depth and optically makes the room look bigger and more cozy, as well as the tiles from the Harmony Inspire collection break the atmosphere with their geometric shapes and bright color, expanding the bathroom visually.

 The mirror with hidden LED lighting also has an anti-fog heater, which adds another extra for complete comfort and luxury.

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