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Peach Fuzz The Color of 2024

In the beginning of 2024 I just cannot miss to mention the fact that the color of the Year is the amazing Peach Fuzz which by the way is my favourite color. So gentle, soft, bright but pastel it comes with the message for "sharing kindnes". Wich I think is very current need lately. Let's check this board for some inspiration for every space of the house. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Kitchen - as you know orange increases the appetite and brings energy and dynamic to the space this muted coral hue is very suitable choice for your kitchen.

Kitchen in Peach Fuzz color

2. Livingroom  - if you want to add a touch of sophistication and increase the feeling of natural light this is the right option for you.

3. Bedroom - I think this color is very suitable also for kid's room or bedroom. It adds gentle warmth and relaxation. Especially when the colors are blend harmoniously with the walls, ceiling and floors the atmosphere maintains a sense of neutrality.

4. Bathroom - stay with the trend and try to play also with different textures. You can choose various tiles, wallpapers or try more types of plaster to create depth and layering. Don't be afraid to experiment.

You can try also to combine this color hue that goes perfectly with white, ivory, cream, beige, grey, green and even buttery yelow or different shades of blue. 


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